PHPUnit Helper


The perfect tool for the PHP developer on Mac OS X who wants to run unit tests for his code !

Download PHPUnitHelper 1.0.1

(Un-sandboxed version. Mac OS X only)

Get a clear and nice visual representation of your unit tests with PHPUnit Helper, a graphical interface that uses PHPUnit to execute and let you clearly see the results of your unit tests.


Launch the tests from the interface and then check what the results are with only one glance: success, fail, error or even incomplete or skipped: a color allows you to immediately identify what is OK and what is not !

Use the filter to execute only the tests you want: all the tests of a suite, all the tests of a class or just one method. Use the custom filter if you want to only execute the tests containing a specific string.

If there’s a fail or an error the trace column allows you to immediately see what it is and where it happened (file and line number). You can then act accordingly and modify your code to promptly correct the problem.

Last but not least you can export the tests results as a .CSV file: perfect to log what was OK and what was not in your project at a specific time !

Note that PHPUnit Helper uses PHPUnit from Sebastian Bergmann ( Your environnement may require some other components such as PHP and Composer ( Check the help file in the Help menu of PHPUnit Helper for more informations on this.

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