Tiny Code Studio: Program an Arduino Board with the integrated software debugger

Tiny Code Studio Icon

Here’s my new application: Tiny Code Studio. Check it out here: https://www.tinycodestudio.com.

It’s a code editor for developers who want to create programs for Arduino boards. There’s auto-completion, word colorisation, files management and debugging with a software debugger (no need for a hardware debugger anymore ! And no annoying setup too !) .

It’s still in beta and only available for MacOS. The Windows version is on it’s way. It’s totally free for now so be sure to try it !


Tiny Code Studio description

Tiny Code Studio autocompletion

Get propositions for your code as you type in.

Tiny Code Studio debugging

No need for a hardware debugger anymore !
Use the integrated software debugger via USB connection.

Tiny Code Studio diagnostics

Errors and warnings are presented to you as you type the code.


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Mac OS X apps: PHPUnit Helper and ColorPickMe

Hello ! Be sure to check out our new Mac OS applications: ColorPickMe and PHPUnit Helper.

ColorPickMeColorPickMe is a all-in-one color manager for the developper, whatever his programming language is. You can create a color, a gradient or an image pattern.Default export format are CSS, Objective-C and Swift but you can create your own export formats with the embedded script editor ! More information here.


PHPUnitHelperPHPUnit Helper is a graphical interface you can use to visualize (and export) the results of your unit tests with PHPUnit. Launch the tests from the interface and then check what the results are with only one glance: success, fail, error or even incomplete or skipped, a color allows you to immediately identify the result ! If there’s an error the trace column allows you to see what is the error and where it happened (file and line number). PHPUnit Helper is free and available here.

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