What is AppLaunch ?

AppLaunch is an iPad/iPhone application allowing you to launch your computer applications directly from your mobile device. The mobile application is currently being validated by Apple.

Download the server versionĀ :

Not your os ? Check other versions


AppLaunch allows you to interact with your computer in order to launch your applications directly from your mobile device. As extra, you can use AppLaunch as a keypad : very handy if your keyboard doesn’t have one !

Note that for it to works you have to download AppLaunch Server and install it on your computer.

Functionalities :

  • Connect to your server automatically or by entering the IP address manually
  • Launch from your iOS device the apps that have been added in AppLauncher Server Interface
  • Use the keypad functionality (numbers, arrows and HOME / END / PGDN / PGUP functions)
  • Connect as many iOS device as you want simultaneously to the same server

Most of all AppLauncher is free, so enjoy it !


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