Tiny Code Studio: Program an Arduino Board with the integrated software debugger

Tiny Code Studio Icon

Here’s my new application: Tiny Code Studio. Check it out here: https://www.tinycodestudio.com.

It’s a code editor for developers who want to create programs for Arduino boards. There’s auto-completion, word colorisation, files management and debugging with a software debugger (no need for a hardware debugger anymore ! And no annoying setup too !) .

It’s still in beta and only available for MacOS. The Windows version is on it’s way. It’s totally free for now so be sure to try it !


Tiny Code Studio description

Tiny Code Studio autocompletion

Get propositions for your code as you type in.

Tiny Code Studio debugging

No need for a hardware debugger anymore !
Use the integrated software debugger via USB connection.

Tiny Code Studio diagnostics

Errors and warnings are presented to you as you type the code.


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